My PRK Experience

I recently got PRK surgery done on my left eye (yup, just the left). While prepping for it, I read approximately one million “My PRK Experience” blog posts, and I wanted to write my own for a couple reasons:

  • I haven’t read any blog posts about getting just one eye done.
  • I thought it would be funny.
  • This seems better than me telling people I had laser eye surgery done, and them going, “like Lasik?” And me going, “haha yeah I got Laser Eyes,” and them being confused, and me being like:

i. Why?

I hate glasses, I hate the way I look in them, I hate the way they press against the bridge of my nose, I hate how disgustingly dirty they get without me even noticing, I hate how many germs probably just hang out on them, having a goddamn party an inch away from my eyeballs.

This is why I typically wore contacts. Well, contact. Only one of my eyes needs a corrective lens. I diligently wore monthly contacts in my left eye for years. And I was careful with them, because I’ve read those freaky articles about flesh-eating amoebas devouring people’s corneas because they left their contacts in too long, and I have anxiety issues. I never slept in them, I kept them clean, and you know what? They were still a massive pain in the ass.

The tipping point: three times in two weeks, my contact fell out of my eye because my eye was so dry. Do you know how much monthly contacts cost? A six-pack of monthly contacts is, like, sixty bucks. So I literally cried out thirty hard-earned dollars. I was crying money. Enough was enough.

This was what compelled me to get expensive, excruciatingly painful elective surgery.

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Las Vegas, 2019

My boyfriend and I just got back from Las Vegas, where we clowned around for a week (as one does). As usual I made a silly vlog about it. Here are some photos, too, which can be broken down into a few categories…

Category 1, Semi-Legitimate Photography:

Instagram vs. Reality

Category 2, Fit Pics:

Category 3, Fucking Around:

25 whole cents, baby!!!!!!! THRIVING!!!!!
Baby’s First Tattoo– and Baby getting her First Tattoo
Me with all my stuff right at the end of our trip, basking in the sun like a lizard, absolutely loving life

Category 3.2, slightly more specific within the Fucking Around Category, Mimicking and/or Inventing Incredibly Stupid Poses:

We had a very good time! I’ll conclude with my new favourite photo of the two of us:


Spooky South Van (with Sloan)

On today’s episode of Attempting to Fall Back in Love with the Place I Was Born and Raised but Have Spent Too Long in and Am Now Desperate to Move Away from but Can’t as I Am in University: documenting my favourite hideous architectural style, ft. snow.

For the uninitiated, ‘Vancouver Special’ is a term used to refer to the houses photographed in this series, built mostly in the 1970s, which were relatively cheap to build and offered massive floorspace for the price. Entire neighbourhoods of them sprung up seemingly all at once, especially in South Van, and they’re pretty iconically Metro Vancouver, which makes them a good thing to document if you’re a lifelong Vancity local who’s really fallen out of love with this city but are currently unable to move out of it and are desperately trying to force yourself to love it again like you did in high school.

…By ‘you,’ what I mean is me. I am talking about myself.

I don’t typically shoot architecture, but man something about Vancouver Specials at night with a little bit of snow was just begging to be shot and JPEG’D to shit to fit my a e s t h e t i c. I was trying to come up with a legitimate title for this series, but… I think “Spooky South Van (with Sloan), 2019″ is funny, so.

This last one is, I’ll admit, not a Vancouver Special, but it is hideous and I love it, so I’m including it anyway:

Some Recent Portraits

One downside to being a multidisciplinary artist rather than being more single-minded is that my focus for each kind of art I make waxes and wanes– this means, given that this blog is a primarily text-based platform, I neglect it a little when I get caught up in photography for a while. And when I neglect this website, I feel like I’m not actually accomplishing anything artistically. This is… wrong. But I know every artist struggles with imposter syndrome– or every artist I like does, anyway.

My point is: hey, look, I’ve been doing photography stuff! I’m not actually wasting my time on earth, and there’s proof below!
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PEAK sloan aesthetic

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In conclusion: if you need an album cover shot, hit me up.

Toronto, 2018

I watched live jazz and drank wine at the top floor bar in the Royal Ontario Museum? Wtf? Amazing???

After spending three weeks in Montréal in June, I carried on to Toronto for three weeks in July. I arrived on an overnight Megabus totally exhausted from A) the deadly heatwave that began during my last few days in MTL, and B) finishing up reading My Friend Leonard on the bus and CRYING. I was out of it and missing home and not sure how up for Toronto I really was, even though I knew from my last trip that I loved it there.

Well, I looked up from my book as the bus pulled into downtown, and the excitement and love came rushing back to me. I fucking love Toronto. I don’t even know what it is about it. I just fucking love this city so much. And I had a STELLAR month pretending I actually live there, getting to know the place like the back of my hand, treating my damn self, and making new friends. This trip really solidified my goal of moving there in a few years. AHHHHHH.

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Montréal, 2018

In June I spent three weeks living in Montréal, Québec, in the Plâteau apartment of my good friend Charles (where I stayed the last time I visited the city, actually).

While I can’t honestly say that it’s my favourite Canadian city (I love the hustle of Toronto too much, sue me), there really is no place quite like Montréal. Caught between Francophone Québecois culture and the predominantly Anglophone culture of the rest of Canada, the city has developed a very singular identity, and it has a lot to say for itself, which it does through a huge arts and culture scene. I’m glad to have spent a month essentially just living there, really getting to know the city properly, pretending to be a local.

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Big Brights

A couple years ago I made some nihlist lock screens for phones, because despite not being a graphic designer, I’m a visually-thinking writer who had an idea and decided to roll with it. Today, I’m doing some more of that. Semi-inspired by the works of Jenny Holzer (who I’ve loved for years and years) and Adrian Piper (whose work I was more recently introduced to via a huge exhibition at MoMA when I was in New York), I took some words and tried to give them some visual impact. Some are just words/terms I like, some are whole thoughts, some are titles of poems I’ve written… All of them are ~conceptual.~ Wow. Look at me. Am I a real artist yet?


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