Pride 2020 Outfits

I celebrated Pride this year by styling three outfits in the colours of the bi flag, sharing them on Instagram, and discussing queer issues in each post’s caption. I touched on topics such as the intersection of Black and queer politics, bi erasure, and coming out.

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Pride month fit pic 3/3 coming to you after Pride month because we should be out n about n being political year-round, baby. 〰️ Here’s a true story about my “coming out.” When I was 15, this really annoying girl made up a rumour at our high school that I had a BIG, LESBIAN CRUSH on her. I corrected it by saying, “I’m only into hot girls.” 😈 That was the first time I “came out.” But coming out isn’t a singular task that ever gets completed for me, or for many bi people. I wouldn’t say that I get pushed back into the closet, but I do have to remind people that I’m out of it. All. The. Time. In every new space, I make a point to mention it, even though it always makes me anxious. You learn a lot about people by how they react. I’m lucky enough that 99% of the time it’s fine— sometimes it throws people for a loop, sometimes they just go, “oh, yeah, shoulda seen that one coming,” sometimes they’re totally unphased because it’s obvious to them. I’m also lucky enough that the 1% of the time it goes poorly, I can usually completely disengage from someone who’s gonna have a problem with it. Bye!! 〰️ Not everyone has it as easy as I did/do. There’s a wealth of diversity of queer experience. I think it’s nice though for young people who are maybe just figuring this out about themselves, and for older queer people who fought for us to get here, to be reminded that it actually really CAN be pretty chill. There’s hope! And there’s pride. 🌀🌀🌀

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