Pride 2020 Outfits

I celebrated Pride this year by styling three outfits in the colours of the bi flag, sharing them on Instagram, and discussing queer issues in each post’s caption. I touched on topics such as the intersection of Black and queer politics, bi erasure, and coming out. Read below:

Cancun, 2020

My partner and I spent an amazing, beautiful, fun week in Cancun from January 9th – January 16th, 2020. I know it was a good trip because I started full on crying the day we had to leave. I also know it was a good trip because I procrastinated on…

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Las Vegas, 2019

My boyfriend and I just got back from Las Vegas, where we clowned around for a week (as one does). As usual I made a silly vlog about it. Here are some photos, too, which can be broken down into a few categories… Category 1, Semi-Legitimate Photography: Category 2, Fit…

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Toronto, 2018

After spending three weeks in Montréal in June, I carried on to Toronto for three weeks in July. I arrived on an overnight Megabus totally exhausted from A) the deadly heatwave that began during my last few days in MTL, and B) finishing up reading My Friend Leonard on the bus…

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