Manufactured Authentic Sadness (2019)

If you’ve seen a lot of my other art you know I’m all about juxtaposing opposites, and with this I was interested in shooting a Messy Crying Face in a super commercial style. it’s both curated and uncurated (much like my social media presence is at large)— while @jooiner and I were shooting this I couldn’t stop laughing between shots, but I was still aware that this very posed, controlled portrait of me with a bunch of visine streaking my cheeks is still a weirdly honest portrayal of my experience with chronic depression. My laughter during the shoot was a temporary respite from my chronic illness. I knew that at the time, and I still know it now as I’m posting this while feeling much more sad. So it’s interesting to me that I can manufacture (for the sake of visual aesthetics) a sadness that is, at other times, very authentic to me. Thus: Manufactured Authentic Sadness.