Hi, I'm Sloan.
No "e."

I probably got out of bed today, and yes, I’m very proud of myself, thanks for asking.

I am—allegedly—a human being, but I aspire to one day transcend time and space to become metaphysical.


Until then, I’m a Copywriter at Rethink, and a multidisciplinary artist. My writing has appeared in emerge 19, Thought Catalog, and SAD Mag, and I’ve read it aloud at the Vancouver Writer’s Festival.


I try to keep my creative practice as broad as possible—writing, photography, videography, music—anything I can get my hands on. What can I say? I’m an excitable, enthusiastic little dweeb.

I like anything holographic, hydrangeas, fashion, abstract art, collaging, memes. I like to shuffle and rollerskate. I like laughing and making people laugh. I like piña coladas, getting caught in the rain, and writing unhinged emails.


You can learn more about my work by viewing my portfolio, and you can learn way more about me than you probably wanted to know by reading my blog.

Here’s some stuff I do:

I write uppers, downers, and all-arounders. I’ve published works of Poetry (mostly of the emo variety), Nonfiction (mostly theatre reviews for SAD Mag), and Creative Nonfiction (some funny, some real bummers).

I love performing readings of my work. I aim to do so as naturally as possible, more off-the-cuff than monologue.

…I do also know how to, just, like, read. I am literate. That’s a skill.

I’m a copywriter at Rethink, where I Make Ads.

I’ve edited works by emerging artists for both SAD Mag, both in print and online.

After several years of being trained to sing Broadway—yeah, I’m that person at karaoke—I now sing and write under the name Sadhype.

Before I was a copywriter at Rethink, I was a receptionist and administrative assistant at Rethink. I like to think I Peggy Olson’d it.

I used to work on the backend of Rethink’s website, and on the backend of SAD Mag’s website, and, of course, the backend of this very website right here!

I designed and built the entirety of this website. I strive to add whimsy to this UI/UX.

I shoot portraits on digital and film.

I wouldn’t say I’m a cinematographer, but I sure do love shooting and editing DJ sets.

Who knew making skit videos as a kid would lead to 11 years of video editing experience?