S. Sloan MacLeod is a Copywriter at Rethink and a multidisciplinary artist. They’re either a Renaissance man, or a Jack-of-all-trades, depending on how you look at it.

Banff & Edmonton, 2017

My friends and I  went to Alberta for a week in April to kick off the summertime. We spent a day in Edmonton (at the Fantasyland Hotel in the West Edmonton Mall) and the rest of our week in Banff (surrounded on all four sides by the absurdly beautiful Canadian Rockies). It was my first time spending more than just a layover in Alberta, and being in the most artificial place in the world for a day and then the most naturally gorgeous place I’ve ever seen in my life for a week was a strange and wonderful juxtaposition.

**Update on 07/20/2018: One of these people turned out to be horrible and abusive and is therefore no longer my friend, so I removed any photos of him from below. Unfortunately I can’t erase him from the video. The other two are still great people, on the plus side!