S. Sloan MacLeod is a Copywriter at Rethink and a multidisciplinary artist. They’re either a Renaissance man, or a Jack-of-all-trades, depending on how you look at it.

Puerto Vallarta, 2018

If, like me, your heat tolerance is very poor, then here’s a #LifeHack for visiting PV in late May: you can probably eat for the entire week, nonstop, and you won’t gain any weight. You will sweat it all off without even doing anything strenuous.

Although I was perpetually sweaty and heat has a tendency to make me grumpy, I had an overall VERY good time in this obscenely beautiful place. It felt so vibrant and alive, I kept stopping in my tracks just to admire the lush tropic flowers, and I had so much delicious Mexican food and wine. 10/10, would recommend to friends.

Downtown PV
left: I just really like the concept of being a literal skeleton but still having boobs. That is a BIG mood. | middle: drinking Coke on the beach | right: a false building front for tourists to take photos of, which… as a tourist… I took a photo of
Houses with nice plants
my sister looking beautiful at El Faro Lighthouse Bar
left: me in front of a fake building | top right: views from The Cross | bottom right: downtown
sunset on the Malecón
left: at El Faro Lighthouse Bar | middle: the fountain in our resort, which was decorated with fresh flowers daily | right: a small beach near Las Animas
left: along the hike to Las Animas | right: at El Faro Lighthouse Bar
along the hike to Las Animas
left: some good flora I saw | right: a very vaporwave sculpture
What the FUCK. This PLACE. Is so BEAUTIFUL.
The cross atop PV
Mildly interesting aesthetically pleasing drink details
Wish you were beer!