Montréal, 2018

In June I spent three weeks living in Montréal, Québec, in the Plâteau apartment of my good friend Charles (where I stayed the last time I visited the city, actually).

While I can’t honestly say that it’s my favourite Canadian city (I love the hustle of Toronto too much, sue me), there really is no place quite like Montréal. Caught between Francophone Québecois culture and the predominantly Anglophone culture of the rest of Canada, the city has developed a very singular identity, and it has a lot to say for itself, which it does through a huge arts and culture scene. I’m glad to have spent a month essentially just living there, really getting to know the city properly, pretending to be a local.

The worst: I definitely could have done without the deadly heatwave that occurred at the end of my trip, given that A) I am weak, and B) air conditioning is oddly sparse in MTL, but I do truly believe that it made me a stronger person, lol.

The best: Making new Montréal friends, spending time with old Vancouver friends who happened to be in the city, and spending probably a billion years at the MASSIVE Musée des beaux-arts.

left: the sunset I got to watch IMMEDIATELY after arriving at my place for the month | right: Charles, at the top of the terrifyingly steep apartment stairs
top: Shas, at a Ricardo Cavolo exhibition at Station 16 Gallery | bottom: Shas’s beautiful hair
Art works at the Musée des beaux-arts
Plâteau sights
top left: this fucking OBSCENELY delicious waffle at Le vieux St. Laurent, an amazing diner right by my place | bottom left: two very tasty brownies I bought for myself at Juliet et Chocolat because I love taking myself out on romantic dates | right: doors in Mile End
Shas, in a Dollarama. lol
Shas, a definite piece of Beautiful Art, in the Musée des beaux-arts
Plâteau sights
Plâteau sights (including a raccoon that made me laugh really hard when I walked by it)
left: me drinking a very mimosa-lookin sangria | right: sunset on St. Lo
left/right: blue skies, nice buidlings | middle: the STUPIDLY BEAUTIFUL Shas, on the bus 
left: SWEATING while reading a book on the deck of my place | right: gorgeous Memphis bookcase at the Musée des beaux-arts
in the Musée des beaux-arts. That middle piece is a MOOD.
Getting drinks in le Plâteau
top: Downtown | middle: Charles, dimly lit | bottom: Downtown
left & middle: Plâteau sights | right: Sarah & her mama Lee in Mile End eating the ICONIC St. Viateur bagels
My RIDICULOUSLY COOL friends. What the hell. Look at them. They’re so cool.
Spotted near McGill
Where I spent a few lovely hours reading in peace
Near the Musée des beaux-arts
top: Sarah and I just off St. Lo | bottom: Shas and Charles, totally candid
left: just one of the many pieces of street art I saw and enjoyed | right: me, after narrowly surviving the heatwave, about to carry on to Toronto for part two of my trip. 🙂