Toronto, 2018

I watched live jazz and drank wine at the top floor bar in the Royal Ontario Museum? Wtf? Amazing???

After spending three weeks in Montréal in June, I carried on to Toronto for three weeks in July. I arrived on an overnight Megabus totally exhausted from A) the deadly heatwave that began during my last few days in MTL, and B) finishing up reading My Friend Leonard on the bus and CRYING. I was out of it and missing home and not sure how up for Toronto I really was, even though I knew from my last trip that I loved it there.

Well, I looked up from my book as the bus pulled into downtown, and the excitement and love came rushing back to me. I fucking love Toronto. I don’t even know what it is about it. I just fucking love this city so much. And I had a STELLAR month pretending I actually live there, getting to know the place like the back of my hand, treating my damn self, and making new friends. This trip really solidified my goal of moving there in a few years. AHHHHHH.

Worst: Probably the sheer number of times that store/restaurant workers would ask me, “are you okay?” when my sweaty ass would walk in. I was okay. I was just sweaty. It’s summertime in the infamously muggy Ontario. It was 30-40 degrees Celsius every day, alright?? I can’t help it.

Best: Hard to choose because I enjoyed myself SO much there. But I closed my trip off with a trip with some friends to Medieval Times, a dinner theatre show where you can watch LIVE FUCKING JOUSTING, which is exactly the kind of stupid thing I love to do, and which I have been wanting to do for literal years. Our knight won, too.

The beautiful home I stayed in with its EXTREMELY SWEET kitty residents. Ahhhhhh.
A very happy drunk girl being extra at The Porch
left: in the financial district | right: a fucking DELICIOUS sandwich at La Cubana, which I went to multiple times during this trip and is officially my current favourite food in Toronto
Wandering with Ilja
As a decorated Canadian poet named Drake calls it: the 6ix
Harbord Village sights (2B or not 2B??)
left: an Iris van Herpen design | right: a Phillip Beesley installation, both in the Royal Ontario Museum
Iris van Herpen designs in the Royal Ontario Museum
left: The Boulevard Café… at the intersection of two streets. | right: a tasty lemon meringue at a café whose aesthetic really went with my ~lewk~
Spent a particularly wonderful day all by my lonesome wandering around Roncesvalles and treating myself to WAAAAAY too much cake
left: Brockton Village | right: Little Italy
left: the best my nails have ever looked in my life. I broke one of them a day later. RIP. | right: the inside of a fucking BURGER JOINT in Kensington Market. Beautiful but so fucking extra.
Twilight on Bloor
I went solo late night wandering and obviously was drawn to this neon purple light
left: by the harbour | right: on the ferry to Centre Island
Downtown TO
Toronto is full of murals but this one is clearly the best. What the FUCK is that thing on the left? Everyone I asked said it was a weed nug. I couldn’t stop fucking laughing at it for so long.
in Parkdale
Two ceilings in two completely different places
Harbord Village during golden hour. SWOON.
In my home for the month. Both the kitties really liked to chill DIRECTLY in your way at the top of the stairs there lol.
left: inside the ROM, which is the most confusingly designed museum I’ve ever fucking been into tbh. | right: me! in Toronto! AKA my happy place!
Trying to get the ~Money Shot~ of myself on Centre Island with the view of TO in the back was so hard. There were some very territorial geese I had to chase out of frame, and a whole Russian family watched me try to get a self-timer pic. It was. It was a lot.
Queen Street West
left: my fit for Medieval Times. Yes, obviously I wore a maxi dress because I AM A PRINCESS. | right: the main hall of Medieval Times loooool
left: on Ossington | right: I think this was at the Olga Korper gallery? Don’t quote me on that.
right: in the Reference Library, which was a HEAVENLY place to do some journaling tbh. | right: at the beautiful but stressful Yonge-Dundas Square.
left: an iconic W Queen W mural, and also my mood to myself | right: Because I was solo travelling I had a lot of time to waste doing whatever the hell I wanted, which meant I played around a lot with makeup on this trip which was super fun 🙂
Taken while eating very good empanadas in Kensington Market
left: at the ROM | right: on Bloor
left: on Roncesvalles | right: Tre, on College
left: in a shop in Parkdale | right: me, waiting for my Uber to the airport on my final day 🙁
To end my post, here is a very dumb film pic of me in Nathan Phillips Square. lol