Nihilist Lock Screens

So I saw this Buzzfeed post full of cheerful phone lock screens earlier and thought¬†they were all very pretty but not very me. I’m not hating on the positive self talk, but I just think nihilism is a whole lot funnier. So I made a bunch of cynical, pessimistic lock screens for cynical, pessimistic people.

They’re cropped for the iPhone 5 because that’s what I own, but they should work for most phones. Also, I’m not a graphic designer, so these are extremely amateur, don’t hate me plz.

And finally, here’s one of these screens in action:

If you liked these, you should also check out Unspirational, Texts From Your Existentialist, and Nihilisa Frank, all of which I thoroughly enjoy and which served as partial inspirations for this post, haha.

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