S. Sloan MacLeod is a Copywriter at Rethink and a multidisciplinary artist. They’re either a Renaissance man, or a Jack-of-all-trades, depending on how you look at it.


Agency: Rethink

Copywriter (ENG.): Sloan MacLeod

Copywriters (FR.): Sloan MacLeod & Julie Daylabel

Art Director: Syd Danger

Creative Directors (ENG.): Morgan Tierney & Skye Deluz

Creative Director (FR.): Karine Doucet

For IKEA’s annual Pride campaign, we created the RALLY Table, a one-of-a-kind table made with rally signs from community members and allies, designed to be a gathering place to amplify queer voices. The campaign’s digital home on IKEA’s website shows off our still imagery, our videos, and information about the campaign, the roundtable participants and the queer organizations they care about, and steps we can all take to stand up, speak up, and rally together.

At every step of the RALLY Table process—from creative concepting, to the fabrication of the table, to the film crew—this project was used as an opportunity to employ, uplift, and collaborate with as many queer community members as possible. The goal was to ensure that the RALLY Table was not just built for Pride, from Pride—it was built with Pride.


For the campaign’s Québecois audience, we wanted to avoid using captions, and craft pieces in French. Our Montréal team kindly allowed me to be involved—qui a été une formidable occasion d’utiliser ma position de rédactrice LGBT bilingue.

Finally, at IKEA’s request, we also created an additional three-minute cut, truly giving space for each person’s voice and experiences to be heard.