S. Sloan MacLeod is a Copywriter at Rethink and a multidisciplinary artist. They’re either a Renaissance man, or a Jack-of-all-trades, depending on how you look at it.

Stuck Up Journal Stickers

This fun personal project was born from my lifelong desire to make my own line of journals. I’m a writer. I’m precious about my materials. But I’m way too jaded and bitter to be able to earnestly write in a journal that says “CARPE DIEM” or “YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL” or “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.”

I need my journal to be as much of a fucking joke as I am.

So, I wrote, designed, and printed stickers that say the kinds of things I want displayed on my journal cover for the world to see.

They range from “brilliant soliloquies” to “an affront to God,” and none of them say “carpe diem.”